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"Ed and Rex"

"A futuristic and techy kid, Edward, and his pet dog, Rex, travel to another dimension looking for adventure. They find the new world they travel in to be beautiful but also to have a few dangers"

visdev scot final study.jpg

Alien Environmental Sketches

Tree Sketches with Color.jpg

Tree Designs

aiens saturated].jpg

Animal Designs

vis_dev_forest_props color.jpg

Forest Designs

dog and boy gradients.jpg

Character Designs

Forest Rendering Process

Forest concetp art sketch beige.jpg
Forest concetp art sketch value.jpg
Forest concetp art sketch color n more.j
Forest concetp art sketch 2 ed n rex out

Ed and Rex in the Forest

Environmental Art Studies 

visdev scot final study.jpg

River Forest

forst part 2 concept sketch scott wills

Alien Mountain Trees

visdev, scotwillsstudy bluecoloroverlay.

Early Morning Forest

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