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"Dr. Jekyll's Persona"

filter 1.jpg

"Dr. Jekyll accidentally invents/creates his evil persona Mr. Hyde who resides in a deranged alternative world where other evil personas live. Every now and then these personas will venture into the real world to wreak havoc. "

Exterior of City

Value studies and thumbnails.jpg
Exterior thumbnail 2 values.jpg
COlor and light.jpg
filter 1.jpg


Artboard 6.jpg
Dr Jekylls Lab Almost done.jpg
Dr Jekylls Lab wip 1.jpg


Ghost Lazer

ghost trap weapon.png
Gun Top Side Front View Ruler Lines v2.j

Blue Pistol

threequarter turn box and gun.jpg
threequarter turn clean.jpg
threequarter turn color black.jpg

Dr. Jekyll's Persona Van

car 02.jpg
car 03.jpg
car 04.jpg
Project4_DavidCummings myst.jpg

Too see more sketches please:

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